Dwarka is 145 Kms. from Jamnagar. The sacred town of Dwarka, one of the main centres of the Krishna legend, sits on the western most tip of the Gujarat peninsula, a sentinel over looking the Arabian Sea.

Dwarka has a special importance as one of the major Hindu pilgrim place, known as the capital of Lord Krishna's Kingdom. Dwarka is one of the four most important pilgrim places. It is also an important historical monument. The architecture of the old Dwarka of Shri Krishna is majestic and wonderful. The great poet Premanand has in his "Sudama Charit" described its splendid beauty and majesty.

Dwarka is mentioned as Golden City in Shrimad Bhagvad Gita, Skand Purana, Vishnu Purana and also in Harivansh and Mahabharat. Legendary Krishna's kingdom means Dwarka. Since the place has historical links with the Lord Krishna, devotes take a pilgrimage to Dwarka. It is one of the seven ancient cities of India.